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Blind Deals UK Franchise - key features

Unlike the usual format of franchise ownership where capital outlay seems to be the foremost concern with the franchisor taking relatively low risks but asking the franchisee to not only stake a very large chunk of money but also absorb the majority of uncertainty and stress. We feel that a Blind Deals franchise has something different on offer and running alongside our customer service concept we have a unique model that reduces the unnecessary expectations and pressures that tend to be created when a franchisee has to chase their initial investment from day one.

Our intention is to provide the end customer with three essential ingredients that will ensure a long term and sustainable business for the franchisee that is quality, price and service. This is only possible if the chosen individual has both the tools and credentials necessary to create this ideal. Obviously it is our responsiblity to maintain the quality in the product and the means to offer keen prices, so it is left to the participant to provide the all important service.

With this in mind we have therefore limited frachise ownership to those individuals that have previous knowledge and experience within the window blind or associted trade. This will not only allow qualified customer service from day one but also we feel that people who have had previous dealings in the trade will appreciate the uniqueness and versatility of the way in which we operate and in doing so the levels of expectation are automatically and realistically set.

It is imperative that the relationship struck between us and our franchise owners is based on commitment, dedication and joint investment in time and finance, it should be a partnership motivated by the customer service and respect that the whole model revolves around. We are not here to profit off the franchisee, instead we are creating a situation that the chosen owners will enjoy a steady part or full time renumeration depending on the level of involvement.

If you would like further details then please either call us on 0800 0214266 or complete our contact form, we will forward full details to you by return.