about Blind Deals UK

Blind Deals UK - our mission

Blind Deals is the franchise division of one of the UK's largest independant window blind manufacturers, with over 20 years experience in the direct service of domestic and commercial Customers we have harnessed all of the knowledge and skills gained to create an extended network of local teams and individuals with previous or related involvement within the window blind trade, with the sole purpose of supplying low price, budget blinds focusing on Vertical, Venetian and Roller as the speciality products.

During our 20 year history on a local level it became apparent, very quickly, that a lot of companies using sale and gimmick type advertising do so in an attempt to create the Customer enquiry and then 'sell up' from the original offer to a bigger order value. Whilst this is a universally adopted method of procurring business we came up with the idea that it would be possible to use the '3 for £99' approach but make the offer available to include whole ranges of fabric not just a handful of unwanted and drab fabrics, also without over restrictive and equally impossible size limits. Using our powerful buying status and direct access to raw material suppliers we compiled a full range of fabrics that included colours, patterns and texture that Customers appreciate and actually want.

For 3 years we trialled the theory alongside our general daily business and in October 2010 we decided to gently release the model to an extended audience. To date we have established a handful of motivated people in a localised area of franchise and due to the immediate success we are expanding to include other experienced and qualified individuals which can only be good news for you, the Customer. All of our franchisees are handpicked professionals having previous experience within the window blind trade and an appreciation and sharing of the model that we have created that is uncompromising quality, price and service.

Whilst our intention is to roll this model across the UK over the coming years we are mindful to ensure that we do not get greedy or compromise on the Customer first approach that we have always maintained throughout our history. Because the whole point of the prototype was to see if it was possible to create a genuine bargain price and viable window blind retail outlet that concentrates on Customer service as opposed to 'foot in the door' salemanship, you can rest assured that this ethos will remain otherwise the whole concept would be lost.

So if you are currently in the market for window blinds and would like a no obligation quote, then please do not hesitate to contact your local Blind Deals advisor - providing of course you are lucky enough to reside within the currently serviced areas.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed.